Season’s Greetings Video From Centrinet

Please enjoy our video presentation of the datacenter edition of “A Visit From St. Nicholas”, created for all of those lonely souls working away in the datacenters while most of the world sleeps soundly in their beds.

As the poem goes, “So remember the engineers, and devs, and QAs – as you sip your eggnog and toast the holidays!”

See it on the big screen at YouTube by clicking on the YouTube icon in the frame around the video.

Hot Topic for 2014: Software Defined Storage

Software Defined Storage (SDS) has been a hot topic for the year of 2014 so far. What is software defined storage? It is a storage infrastructure that is managed and automated by intelligent software as opposed to the storage hardware. The main benefits of software defined storage over traditional storage are flexibility, automated management, and cost efficiency. Below, I introduce you to the major players in the software defined storage space and I have listed the requirements needed to use the space as well.

First, we will take a look at traditional server storage. Regular server based storage normally includes a RAID controller with less than 1 Ghz CPU and 256 MB – 1 GB memory. So, we can have a server with 20 cores and 256 GB + memory, but disk subsystem performance is limited by throughput/IOPS from the RAID controller card.

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