Big League Tech for Everyone

Many people may think that cloud services, virtual desktops, and other virtualization technologies are just for the big boys – large enterprises with huge amounts of IT resources. And while it’s true that Centrinet has its share of large enterprise customers, we also have customers operating with only a handful of desktops. The truth is, if your business requires at least one PC then utilizing the cloud could benefit you greatly.

Small business is the backbone of our economy, but can often get left behind when it comes to technology. Outdated PCs, little to no disaster recovery planning, and insecure infrastructure can greatly weaken today’s small business. No longer, because Centrinet is here to help you reap the benefits of the cloud in a budget that fits your organization.

Hardware is a hefty expense

One of the largest IT expenses is in the hardware. Most PCs last 3-5 years, but often need key components replaced during their lifespan (like hard drives and power supplies). Migrating your desktops to the cloud with Centrinet can drastically lower your IT expenses by utilizing thin clients, or expanding the lifespan of your PCs. By moving your desktop to the cloud an old slow PC, or low powered thin client, can still perform like a brand new machine right out of the box. With the cloud you are no longer tied to a single device that sits in your office, but instead can access your desktop from anywhere with an internet connection.

Now you can easily work from home on your laptop, from the local coffee shop on your tablet, or even from Aunt Susie’s house on her old Windows PC, and still have the same experience as if you were sitting in your office!

An unexpected disaster doesn’t have to sink your business

Have you fretted over the fact that most businesses that suffer an unexpected disaster go out of business? Well most of these statistics are due to the loss of critical business data when a tragedy hits. Just ask yourself, if lightening were to strike your office today and render your IT systems inoperable, would you have the data backups needed to fuller recover? Do you even have the necessary IT resources that understand how to recover your systems?

With Centrinet you can stop worrying over backups and disaster recovery. We’ll back you up and have the expertise to recovery it quickly should the need arise. We also ensure you are 100% protected by duplicating your critical business data in two different datacenters almost 2000 miles apart – now you’re really playing in the big leagues!

Make sure your sensitive data is secure

Do you have sensitive medical, financial, or legal files sitting on the PCs and servers in your office? Relying on Centrinet’s cloud means that there is no longer any sensitive data on premises, instead it’s safe and secure in our datacenters. Plus, we put every security measure in place to allow you, and only you, to securely access your data and applications from anywhere on the device of your choice. Now you can make sure you are compliant with all government regulations on data privacy without ever having to lift a finger.

The magic behind the cloud is a bit complicated and difficult to understand, but that doesn’t have to stop you from taking advantage. It’s time for you to reap the same benefits of the cloud that our larger enterprise clients enjoy. Make a move to the big leagues with Centrinet.

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What’s Your Company’s Work From Home Policy?

Snow has hit Atlanta for the last two years in a row, with a single inch putting the city on shutdown. So far this year we have had to deal with almost a week of shutdown time due to these icy conditions. To combat this, many companies have started to implement Work From Home policies – not only in Atlanta, but nation-wide. With these policies going into effect certain questions arise, namely: Can an employee be as productive from home as they are in the office?

Yes, with a solid Work From Home policy we know you can maintain that same level of productivity. However, you must ensure your policy is developed with the following three factors in mind:

  1. Communication – How effective is the communication method that has been built into your Work From Home policy? With today’s technology high speed internet is a necessity for most households. With the standardization of a 4G LTE network, people are now carrying mobile devices that are comparable to cable modems. This makes working from home and maintaining a high quality user experience a reality. Additionally, most cell phone carriers have adopted the unlimited calling plan, which make communication truly “free”. And, employees now have the ability to email and text from their personal devices (computers, tablets, and smartphones). With these advances we can now be anywhere, anytime, maintaining a high level of business productivity.
  2. Accessing data and applications – How employees access their corporate data and applications is critical to a successful Work From Home policy. In today’s technological environment most of us expect to have the same user experience whether in the office, at home, in a coffee shop, or on the beach. A good Work From Home policy must allow employees access to a quality user experience from any environment.
  3. Security – Security is the number one concern for the majority of business decision makers. Protecting a business’s intellectual property, preventing data breaches, and ensuring user flexibility while keeping everything under control can be a challenging proposition. This is something many businesses face, but unfortunately few are able to successfully tackle.

Here at Centrinet we’ve been providing successful Work From Home policies for our enterprise clients since 2005 – from a wide range of sectors and industries. We make sure to always provide the best user experience, whether you are working from the office, or remotely. In the age of the cloud we have datacenters from the East to the West Coasts, ensuring our clients always have the best user experience, and secure 24/7 access to all data and applications.

We’d love to help you take the unplanned network downtime, data security risks, and high overhead costs out of storing and accessing your critical business information. Please contact us for more information.

Emerging Data Center Trends & Strategies: An On-Demand Webinar

Location, location, location! We’ve all heard the expression. It’s the real estate agent’s mantra. A good location and your house practically sells itself.

Have you ever given any thought to the location of your data center though? Jason Shepard has. Jason is the Managing Principal with Cresa Mission Critical Solutions (MCS) and specializes in representing end-users in data center site selection and acquisition across North America. He was also the host of a recent webinar, Data Center Trends and Strategies. Read more