Citrix StoreFront: Update Receiver for HTML5

Here is a short instructional guide to update your HTML5 receiver for StoreFront.

1. First you will need to verify your current version:


2. Once verified, download the HTML5 update:




3. Execute CitrixHTML5Client-x64:

step34. Now refresh your StoreFront console:



You’re done!

April 2015 Chrome Update and Citrix StoreFront

With Google’s latest Chrome update (April 2015) they have disabled the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI). This change will have the following effects when accessing a Citrix StoreFront site:

  1. Users will be prompted to install Citrix Receiver every time they access the StoreFront website.
  2. When clicking a published application the browser will ask the user to save the ICA file. Once saved they can click the ICA file to launch the requested session.
  3. Workspace control will be disabled on Windows. This means that the “Follow Me” feature of Citrix will not work when using Chrome.

Here are the suggested workarounds:

  1. Receiver install prompt:
    • Modify the code within the StoreFront site to stop offering Chrome users client downloads.
    • Another option is to modify the code to create a permanent download link in the StoreFront website.
  2. Save ICA instead of launching the session automatically:
    • Download the ICA file and then use the option within the browser dialog bar to tell Chrome to “Always open files of this type”.
  3. Workspace control “Follow me”:
    • Modify the code in the StoreFront website to create an alternative method of enabling Workspace control. Be careful doing this in double-hop scenarios as it will break.
    • Double-hop = Client → XD session → Open Chrome installed locally in the session and go to the StoreFront site → Access the XenApp published application.

Further information, along with all of the necessary code to make the above changes, can be found here: