Cloud Solutions

The cloud is where users, applications, and data meet. We’ve developed a unique approach to enterprise cloud management called the Centrinet Virtual Cloud that encompasses a complete set of options to implement a custom cloud solution.

Benefits Of The Centrinet Virtual Cloud

Our managed cloud services provider, supporting your organization’s cloud strategy with all aspects from planning through design and implementation. From there, we monitor and optimize your cloud to maintain peak performance and eliminate the risk of service interruption.

Minimize Cost

Not only does the Centrinet Virtual Cloud greatly reduce the risk of costly downtime, it enables the backup and replication of data painlessly so in the event of interruption, your infrastructure is ready for quick recovery.

Maximize Your Team's Focus And Productivity

By moving to the Centrinet Virtual Cloud, you’ll free up your team’s time and bandwidth to focus on mission-critical projects and initiatives.


Faster Implementation

Your team can focus on mission-critical initiatives with less hands-on time spent managing and maintaining servers. You’ll also minimize the physical footprint of server racks.


Increased Cybersecurity

Not only does a secure, virtualized cloud environment greatly reduce the risk of interruption from disaster, it enables the backup and replication of data painlessly so in the event of disaster, your infrastructure is ready for quick recovery.

Explore Centrinet’s Comprehensive Cloud Process

1. Design

No two clouds are the same. Our method of designing your custom cloud solution is to develop a deep understanding of the goals and challenges of each client’s business, and then develop a solution that is custom-built to solve for your unique business needs.

2. Build

Next, we take the unique design package and build a cost-effective, resilient cloud platform that not only addresses, but exceeds the needs of your business case. Whether that is virtualized, hyperconverged, or a traditional platform, we’ll implement the right custom cloud solution for you.

3. Deliver

When it’s time to deploy your new cloud solution, our cloud engineers are second-to-none. They’re experts in airtight deployments that minimize downtime and mitigate data migration risks while keeping you and your organization completely up-to-speed on the project status.

4. Host

Our client’s business information and applications are housed on our servers, where we ensure their complete integrity and security. If you already have a private cloud, we can add or move strategically-selected services to our public cloud in order to create a custom hybrid cloud solution for your organization. Hybrid clouds can offer a significant reduction in cost, as well as increased operational efficiency.

5. Manage and Optimize

As a key part of our cloud solutions, our managed and support services include industry-leading SLAs with 24/7 NOC, rapid response, and incident and problem management, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on other business needs while reducing demand on your operations staff and ensuring cost savings.

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