The world of work has fundamentally changed; with laptops, tablets, and smartphones, the workplace is now just a click away. The days of network downtime, hardware crashes, and office-bound employees are over. Expensive hardware and software updates and maintenance? A non-issue. Cloud hosting has transformed the way work gets done, and subscription-based cloud solutions are taking more businesses into the future every day.

The cloud is where access, applications, and information meet. Cloud computing means connecting through the Internet to data and applications stored on computer servers, and ClaaS (Cloud as a Service) is the most flexible way to add that capacity to your business.

We created the ClaaS approach to ensure our clients experience the most seamless transition to the cloud. We’ve been using and refining ClaaS since 2001, and it’s proven successful in hundreds of projects, for businesses ranging from 50 to 40,000 employees.

Claas Cloud Hosting
Our public cloud service. Our client’s business information and applications are housed on our servers, where we ensure their complete integrity and security. If you already have a private cloud, you might consider adding or moving some services to our public cloud. Hybrid clouds can offer a significant reduction in cost, as well as increased operational efficiency.

Claas Cloud Architecting
Our method of planning and implementing your tailored cloud solution. We take the time to thoroughly understand the goals and challenges of each client’s business, and then develop a solution focused on those goals and challenges.

Claas Cloud Management
Our service for ongoing management of cloud infrastructures. Our clients are able to take advantage of our extensive experience with cloud infrastructure. It reduces demand on operations staff and provides our clients with a 24/7 rapid response network.

You can use any of our three services individually, or we can plan, implement, and maintain your private, public, or hybrid cloud solution.

Grow your business and work from anywhere – no matter what. Let us help you take your business where it needs to go, with an affordable, built-for-success, custom cloud hosting solution from Centrinet.

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