Next Generation Infrastructure

Hyper-Converged Solutions

Empower your business to reach its goals by harnessing the power of the cloud within your data center. Centrinet offers two decades of expertise in VDI implementation and management, backed by our partnership with Citrix and the industry’s leading hyperconverged solution from Nutanix. Our hyperconvergence solutions pool computing, storage, network, virtualization, software, and other key applications into one centralized appliance to enable streamlined, highly-efficient IT management, right off the shelf.


We take the complexity out of infrastructure management so that your business can focus on what it does best. By pooling your resources and adopting a utility model for your IT infrastructure, you’ll benefit from predictable performance, improved disaster recovery, and greater efficiency, all at a lower cost.


Unifying key technology platforms onto a single piece of hardware allows your IT team to focus on other strategic business initiatives. There’s no need for technicians with specialized skills to build the infrastructure piece by piece or worry about data protection, upgrades, and other upkeep. Instead, your team can turn their attention to new endeavors that will move your company forward.