Webinar: User Experience Monitoring for Desktop Transformation Success

Centrinet and Liquidware Labs hold the answer to complete User Experience Monitoring for desktop transformation success. Learn where to focus efforts and how to use visibility to define success and ensure end-user and business objectives are being met.

Participants Kevin Cooke (Product Director of Liquidware Labs) and Dario Ferreira (President of Centrinet) share how proven strategies not only prevent routine pitfalls, but also ensure a predictable, optimized, and efficient transformation to next-generation desktop architectures.

Webinar Highlights

Do you know what desktop performance targets you need for a successful desktop transformation? Kevin Cooke and Dario Ferreira talk in depth on the following points:

  • Why user experience must become more prevalent in core approach to monitoring next generation desktop performance
  • Monitoring vs. user experience monitoring
  • Risks and security issues surrounding traditional forms of monitoring
  • Importance of user perception and evolution of implementation
  • Three levels Centrinet uses to fully define user experience
  • Today’s heterogeneous environments and need to monitor from an agnostic / hybrid point of view
 About Liquidware Labs

Founded in 2009, Liquidware Labs™ is an industry leader and pioneer in desktop virtualization solutions for next-generation physical and virtual desktops, including VMware View®, Citrix® XenDesktop, Red Hat® and Microsoft® Windows®. The company’s innovative and award-winning products include Stratusphere™ FIT and Stratusphere™ UX  for desktop visibility; ProfileUnity™ with FlexApp™ and FlexDisk™  for desktop portability; and Flex-IO which supports IOPS acceleration in non-persistent VDI environments.  The company’s executive team is comprised of veteran technologists who lead the discussion on VDI best-practices in the virtualization community.

Infographic: Cloud Predictions 2015

Where’s cloud computing going to be in the next two years? Here are three key predictions we have taken from the recent IDC FutureScape conference, represented in this infographic.





Season’s Greetings Video From Centrinet

Please enjoy our video presentation of the datacenter edition of “A Visit From St. Nicholas”, created for all of those lonely souls working away in the datacenters while most of the world sleeps soundly in their beds.

As the poem goes, “So remember the engineers, and devs, and QAs – as you sip your eggnog and toast the holidays!”

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