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What’s so Special About a Citrix Engineer?

This past January I had the pleasure of participating in the Citrix Partner Expert Council (PTEC) that was held in Las Vegas. Over 200 partners, myself included, were able to directly communicate and give our feedback to the different Citrix Product Managers. It’s great to know that Citrix is still on top of it’s game and […]

Notable Citrix Updates

A couple of weeks back I was able to attend the 2015 Citrix Summit in Las Vegas. The event was a great resource – with sales education, technical deep dives, and an array of new programs. One great bonus was the fact that it was held in January, so I didn’t have to suffer the […]

VDI Predictions for 2015

Consolidate, save, and work from anywhere. The past five years have seen a number of industries and sectors adopt Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Adopting VDI is a great way to allow your organization’s IT department to simplify the desktop management process; the software creates the desktop images, allowing you to consolidate management to a single […]

Unique Solutions for Distributed Storage

The primary objective of a distributed storage model is for local storage on each individual server to act as a pool for the cluster. In this model, the virtual machine (and any data) is stored locally for better performance. Because the data is being replicated, redundancy is achieved – opening up alternate network paths and […]

Software Defined Storage: A Hot Topic

Why is Software Defined Storage such a hot topic this year? That is because it is changing the way people purchase storage. Instead of relying on large storage companies, we now have the ability to build cost effective storage solutions as needed. Traditional storage technologies have long been considered a very expensive investment, and large […]