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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Your IT Budget

Desktops and their management typically occupy a significant portion of an IT budget. The three areas that occupy the largest piece of the pie are hardware costs, software costs, and the costs related to the physical environment. Hardware Costs: Most organizations tend towards a 3-4 year replacement cycle on their PCs. This means that IT needs […]

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Cloud Platform

This week we looked at some questions for a business to consider when choosing a cloud platform solution. Here are some of the questions we got back after presenting our staff (engineers and sales people alike) with this week’s blog topic. Keep in mind that while each business has different needs, there are certain divide […]

The Marriage of Business and IT

The challenges of business and IT alignment have been well documented. However, I see the use of the term “alignment” as the main issue to discuss here today. Alignment suggests that there are two separate (and autonomous) entities attempting to dictate common goals. And all too often, that is exactly what occurs. For example, the […]

The “Cloud” and Healthcare: Match Made in Heaven?

First, what is this “cloud” everyone keeps talking about? The cloud is a new term for a pretty old idea.  The cloud simply refers to applications and data running in a data center that is not located on your organizations premises.  Back in the day of large mainframes, companies would offer compute cycles of their mainframes […]

Solving the Top 3 ICD-10 Medical Coding Challenges

Hospitals, large physician practices and other healthcare facilities are faced with major challenges with the move to ICD-10 and with new or updated EMR/EHR implementations.   While there are a variety of issues which will be faced by healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, clinicians, as well as administrative and billing staff), the individuals I think about the […]