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Artificial Intelligence: Google Creates Program That Easily Beats Humans

  Artificial Intelligence: Google Creates Program That Easily Beats Humans at the Most Complex Game Ever Created Move over, chess: the latest advances in artificial intelligence have resulted in a program that resembles deeper thinking and intuitive abilities that outpace humans at an ancient game that has more possible positions than there are atoms in […]

It’s Your Cloud: On Privacy and Security

There has been a lot in the news lately about privacy and hacking. Everyone has read about whether Apple should help the FBI gain access to a locked iPhone that was used by terrorists.  We also learned about the ransomware attack on a Hollywood hospital that paid $17000 to get back control of their computer […]

Integrate the Cloud into Your Business – The Next Web

Don’t miss this great post from San Francisco based blogger Ritika Puri, published last month on TheNextWeb.com. The benefits of the cloud are clear: these technologies help companies scale efficiently, reduce costs, reinforce security and provide faster services to customers. With many new players entering the cloud market, businesses have a range of options to build their […]

Methods to Better Secure Your Environment

It seems like every day brings a new possible data threat. The news is filled with reports of breaches, new vulnerabilities, and the organizations making reparations to those affected. In today’s threat-filled landscape, how can you protect your organization? Fortunately, there ARE steps you can take. To illustrate this point, I’ve outlined three methods we […]

Big League Tech for Everyone

Many people may think that cloud services, virtual desktops, and other virtualization technologies are just for the big boys – large enterprises with huge amounts of IT resources. And while it’s true that Centrinet has its share of large enterprise customers, we also have customers operating with only a handful of desktops. The truth is, if […]

Work Smarter with Centrinet

There are a couple of mantras that ring true in every industry, especially in the IT environment. “Do more with less” and “work smarter, not harder” are staples in IT shops across the country. And while these ideals are great in theory, there’s no attached roadmap to get you there. Instead, you are left with the […]

Cloud Considerations for Healthcare

There are several key factors that must be considered when selecting a cloud provider in the healthcare environment. These factors are strictly unique to healthcare due to the environmental differences the industry presents; in most industries, application availability is measured in dollars, but in healthcare, the availability of an application could literally be life saving. Here […]