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Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in Citrix NetScaler

Please contact our Operations Center if we can assist you with addressing this critical Citrix Netscaler security issue requiring updates. Sincerely, Centrinet Support Team support@centrinetcorp.com 678.373.0450 Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in Citrix NetScaler ADC and NetScaler Gateway Management Interface DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM A vulnerability has been identified in the management interface of Citrix NetScaler Application Delivery Controller (ADC) […]

IT Security Best Practices: Securing Cloud Access Control

Did you know that phishing attacks targeting cloud storage services make up nearly 23 percent of all security attacks, an increase of 125 percent over the past four years? It’s a strategy fraudsters are using as they try to gain access to valuable login credentials for business cloud storage accounts. And the problem isn’t limited to unauthorized […]

10 Website Security Best Practices You Can Implement Today

According to a recent Global Security Study from Citrix conducted by the Ponemon Institute, 69 percent of respondents believe some of their organization’s existing security solutions are outdated and inadequate. This is particularly problematic when looking at the state of cybersecurity where many vulnerabilities could be fairly easily eliminated. In order to help businesses strengthen their security […]

5 Essential Cybersecurity Training Courses and Certifications

Maintaining the highest level of info security for your organization and your customers depends heavily on your workforce. You need skilled employees who can prepare for, recognize, and handle cybersecurity threats. But keeping up with the latest training courses and certifications for cybersecurity pros can be a challenge. There’s no centralized organization or one specific path […]

What You Must Do to Ensure Enterprise-Level HIPAA IT Compliance

For enterprises that handle consumer healthcare information, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) has become one of the most important regulations around data security. A lack of understanding of or commitment to HIPAA requirements has proven to be costly for a variety of organizations. For example, CardioNet, a provider of remote […]

Best Practices in IT Security Services

In just the past few years, spending on cybersecurity initiatives has soared. For example, Bank of America now boasts a “whatever it takes” attitude toward budgeting for IT security services and cybersecurity. That’s because it’s crucial for businesses to keep data secure while maintaining a network with maximum availability, productivity, and efficiency. But what about other organizations that […]

The Enterprise IT Security Services You Need to Stay Competitive

According to the IDG 2017 Global State of Information Security Survey, 62 percent of the 10,000 respondents use managed security services for cybersecurity and privacy. This shows that enterprises understand the need for end-to-end security and well-defined policies that align with their business objectives. Of course, this journey must start with creating a plan of action for […]

How to Craft an Enterprise-Level IT Security Strategy

Across the nation, corporations are still haunted by some of the largest IT security incidents in history, such as the attack on Yahoo, the hack of the Democratic National Committee, and the difficult-to-forget Target breach. If your enterprise is like most, these types of incidents move IT leadership to action, checking to ensure that security […]

3 IT Security Compliance Challenges Facing CIOs

In a security landscape that brings new threats and attacker approaches daily, CIOs face challenges of threats on one side of the spectrum and IT security compliance challenges on the other. From the Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard to HIPAA and a host of other regulations, a wide spectrum […]

Staying Ahead of Ransomware: 7 Necessary Tactics

Are you concerned about a ransomware attack on your company? It’s not an idle threat. In 2016, the number of these attacks each day reached 4,000, up 300 percent from the previous year. Healthcare organizations have been hit especially hard, as more than half of hospitals in the United States faced ransomware attacks between April 2015 and April 2016. The […]