Centrinet announces Windows Virtual Desktop Assessment!

Microsoft released the public beta for WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop).  In our industry there are periodically game changers and this is one to watch.  If you are considering a shift to VDI, O365, hosted cloud or are already using these solutions, you may be wondering how to start.  

Your organization may have already benefited from a long-term value-added solution through your on-prem VDI infrastructure and application virtualization to the end point.

Even if significant value has been realized, you have had some of the same underlying issues as most of your peers have had: data center sprawl, costly refreshes, system component incompatibility, lack of resources, cost over-runs, etc.

Well, the solution to these issues is here – VDI 2.0 has arrived. Microsoft has developed a delivery mechanism to provide Windows to your organization as a cloud-based service. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) will deliver the Windows OS directly from the manufacturer.

Let Centrinet help you assess all of the benefits of moving to VDI 2.0 and Microsoft WVD. Contact us today to start this incredible journey; you can find out more at https://centrinetcorp.com/12560-2/ .