Finally! The big news behind FSLogix and WVD!

Many months ago a few of my good friends and former associates at FSLOGIX were part of an acquisition by Microsoft.  There was plenty of industry buzz about how they might fit FSLOGIX IP into the Microsoft master plan.

Turn the page to today with Microsoft’s announcement of the public preview of WVD. Centrinet has been planning well in advance of the public preview of WVD. Those of you who know my industry background know that I’m deeply rooted in virtualization and UX.  Being in the manufacturer side of app/desktop virtualization, app layering and personalization, I can say with confidence that 2019 will be an exciting year because of what Microsoft is doing in WVD and Azure.

Most of my readers will likely agree, that in most cases, non-persistent virtual desktops are the way to go. But only if you can provide personalization for your users. Enter FSLOGIX!

In the past, you would need a third party profile management solution to provide this functionality to users. 2019 may be the year to re-evaluate those third-party solutions.  We still have to wait and see how it unfolds. But if Microsoft stays on the track I see developing it will be compelling.  Now Centrinet can align cloud offerings like Azure with on-premise solutions.

Are you ready to start investigating WVD? Check out our WVD Assessment service.  My team at Centrinet is ready to help!