Citrix Netscaler SSL Rating

Is Your Netscaler Leaving Your Network Open To DDoS Attacks Or Other Security Breaches? Centrinet Is Now Offering A Free SSL Grade Rating For Your Citrix Netscaler Appliance

As the threat of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks becomes more and more prevalent,, it’s critical that information security professionals make the time to review the security of their infrastructure top to bottom; from cloud applications to on-site appliances.

There’s one cybersecurity protocol in particular that can drastically reduce the risk of a breach – SSL, and its newest evolution, TLS – but these protocols require that network equipment like servers or application delivery controllers (ADCs) must be properly configured to satisfy the security standards that enable this protocol to effectively mitigate the risk of a breach or attack.

A real life example: while assisting a Centrinet client (Financial Institution) with an unrelated project, one of our technicians uncovered a serious security threat. The client had incorrectly configured their Netscaler Gateway ciphers.  The result was the company scored an ‘F’ grade on a third party security audit. The misconfigured protocol meant that the client’s company security was at risk as well as their customers.

After our Engineer reconfigured the Netscaler’s settings in a short time, we then retested the Netscaler’s security rating.

By correctly configuring the appliance’s settings, the diagnostic now resulted in a solid ‘A’ grade, effectively showing that the risk of breach through the Netscaler had been mitigated. Our technician’s simple and quick optimization of their appliance’s settings was all it took to ensure the massive security risk had been eliminated.

Centrinet, a cloud virtualization and managed services provider, uses the SSLLabs service platform to perform a deep analysis of our clients Citrix Netscaler Appliances. Our proven outcomes identify the vulnerabilities and risk to their businesses as well as awareness with a grade rating from A+ to F and an action plan, required resource and skill sets, and best practices mitigating
such threats. The threats are real and can be reviewed here. Centrinet’s best practices and methodology to mitigate risk and vulnerabilities to achieve an A+ rating within our clients


The SSL, TLS, and Ciphers Security Diagnostic

There are four steps in the security diagnostic for rating the security risks associated with your Netscaler appliance. Here’s a quick overview of how the SSL testing works and how your SSL grading is determined.

  1. Verification of the SSL certificate
  2. Inspection of the server configuration
    1. Protocol support
    2. Key exchange support
    3. Cipher support
  3. Scoring based on the categories above
  4. Testing of the server configuration against a series of rules that score the configuration’s features and rules.

Centrinet is offering a complimentary security diagnostic for your SSL configuration. Please contact us with your external live site today to get your first SSL grade free