Enhance End User Experience with VDI and Profile Containers

As self-service and on-demand access of business applications continues to grow within the enterprise, the task of managing the infrastructure, networks and systems, needed to support the delivery of these applications is complex, time-consuming and often leaves IT teams overwhelmed and end users frustrated.

Slow login times, load times and latency definitely have a negative impact on your business. These are some of the leading complaints from end users leveraging VDI. We all know that perception is reality and end users care about the access, availability and performance of the service or application. When your employees’ productivity is effected due to login times, load times and latency, you hear about it loud and clear! This is an indicator that it is time to take a look at optimizing your VDI infrastructure and consider profile containers to mitigate some of those issues.

Login Times

When users log into a VDI system, they expect to be taken directly to their desktop profile immediately to leverage their systems, applications and preferences. The same user experience is expected each time regardless of when or where they log in or how many people are on the system. However, bottlenecks often occur.

  • How do your virtual desktop users feel about login time and overall performance?
  • Have your users noticed an increase in the time it takes to login over time?
  • Do your employees experience a slow down during peak login times in the morning or after lunch?

Load Times

End-users expect applications to launch immediately and run without interruption. Not only are applications expected to load quickly, but they are expected to have 100% uptime and users anticipate a consistent experience every time to maintain productivity.

  • Does your virtual desktop experience currently meet your user’s expectations?
  • Are you getting support calls with issues related to the desktop applications that should just work?
  • Is your application or virtual desktop behaving consistently?


When it comes to accessing VDI profiles it often involves file redirection, data redirection, temporary files and settings stored to a network or attached data store. Copying files at login or storing on a shared network can result in delays, impacting performance of applications.

  • Is the VDI deployment optimized to avoid slow session response time?
  • Is your desktop affected by WAN/Storage performance?

More consistent access, availability and performance with VDI and Profile Containers

If any or all of these end user challenges are familiar to you, it is time to take action. Instead of placing all of the user’s files on a network share like in the redirected files approach, FSLogix’s profile containers encapsulate the entire profile –including the registry– in an in-guest container. This eliminates bottlenecking, file copying, running applications over the network, and avoid issues with legacy profile solutions.

IT teams are reducing login times, load times and latency by leveraging VDI and profile containers to simplify profile management and improve performance and productivity and seeing these benefits:

  • Optimized VDI deployments
  • Up to 85% reduction in logon and logoff times
  • Less traffic and processing load on file serves
  • Nearly 99% reduction in file requests, network traffic, and server utilization
  • Lower chance of profile corruption

Centrinet and FSLogix are helping customers optimize VDI infrastructure and manage profiles more effectively so they can realize these benefits, enhance user experience and keep employees productive.