Innovation Buzz: SpaceX to Launch Latest Falcon 9 Rocket on March 4th

dragon_v2_in_orbit (1)It’s never been a greater time in the history of humanity to witness the vast array of technological innovations evolving around us. Nothing probably captures more inspiration and awe than spaceflight, and SpaceX is a pioneer in attempting to make spaceflight a lot more affordable.

This Friday, March 4th, if the weather and systems agree, SpaceX will launch its latest rocket, the Falcon 9, which is unique in having a smaller fuel tank because the liquid oxygen that propels the craft is cooled even further than typical rockets. This means potentially more payload (and in the future, passengers) per launch.


Check out the latest details from a recent article written by Wired Magazine:

You can follow the latest with the launch via SpaceX’s website:


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