What’s so Special About a Citrix Engineer?

This past January I had the pleasure of participating in the Citrix Partner Expert Council (PTEC) that was held in Las Vegas. Over 200 partners, myself included, were able to directly communicate and give our feedback to the different Citrix Product Managers. It’s great to know that Citrix is still on top of it’s game and gets partners involved in the product development cycle.

During one of the casual events I had a pretty interesting chat with a couple of my fellow participants. One thing we all seemed to agree on was the difficulty in finding senior level talent within our field – especially senior level talent competent in both Citrix virtualization and networking practices.

For many organizations, the Citrix engineers (Citrix/VDI/RDS) are seen as responsible for the whole of the presentation layer and all of it’s related parts. Usually this ends up meaning that when a user encounters any issue from that presentation layer (applications, the network, storage, etc.), they will first look to the Citrix engineer.

In order to adapt, Citrix engineers have needed to develop other skills to prove their innocence. They’ve now had to expand their areas of expertise to encompass other layers within the environment such as networking, applications, the database, storage, directory services, and anything else related to Citrix/VDI/RDS. Although still specialized in presentation layers, most Citrix engineers end up becoming a bit of an IT generalist due to their accumulated knowledge of the layers over time.

It’s hard to train anyone to become a subject matter expert in one area, but it’s even harder to train someone as a subject matter expert in multiple areas. This is what makes it so difficult to find experienced and competent Citrix engineers.

Here at Centrinet we are an engineer-driven company. Always striving to stay on top of the most cutting edge technologies, our engineers will delivery solutions that consistently exceed client expectations. Please contact us with any questions, we’d love to help!

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