A Review of Dell’s vWorkspace

Last week Centrinet attended a vWorkspace training session at the Dell Concourse Parkway site in Atlanta, GA. The session was held to introduce the partners to the new product, along with a demonstration of its capabilities.

We were very impressed and found the product to have some great new features. The administration console was very user-friendly with an intuitive layout; now one can access all of the configurations from a single pane of glass. Additionally, vWorkspace supports most of the major hypervisors in the market today, so it’s positioned to be a competitive low-cost solution for VDI and Terminal Server deployments.

When building out vWorkspace with a Hyper-V hypervisor, you can leverage a new feature in vWorkspace 8.x called HyperCache. From Dell’s internal documentation:

HyperCache provides read Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) savings and improves virtual desktop performance through selective RAM caching of parent VHDs. This is achieved through the following:

Reads requests to the parent VHD are directed to the parent VHD cache.

Requests data that is not in cache is obtained from disk and then copied into the parent VHD cache.

Provides a faster virtual desktop experience as child VMs requesting the same data find it in the parent VHD cache.

Requests are processed until the parent VHD cache is full.

The default size is 800 MB, but can be changed through the Hyper-V virtualization host property.

This is a very nice feature and greatly improves the performance and user experience of the desktops.

The way that disk usage and workloads are managed makes vWorkspace highly efficient. During bake-off tests, Dell found that the desktop density of vWorkspace deployments was much higher (as much as 25% in some cases) than other solutions in the market.

By offering compatibility with a variety of low-cost storage solutions, and support for multiple desktop deployment technologies, vWorkspace makes a very attractive option for companies looking to deploy new desktop solutions.