Queensborough National Bank and Trust

“I would recommend Centrinet because they have a great group of engineers that are very knowledgeable and always very professional. They are always willing to go the extra mile to figure out a problem, they have solved every problem we throw at them. We have truly developed a relationship with Centrinet.”

Queensborough National Bank and TrustTravis Collins, Systems Administrator
The Weather Channel

“People are already calling me wanting to get on virtual desktops. We’re achieving high value for our users at a minimal ownership cost, and we’re excited to move forward.”

The Weather Channel –Andy Drooker, Senior Director of Emerging Platforms/Technologies

Isn’t it time for a simpler, smarter IT?

IT Project Execution

In a dynamic economy, competition is fierce, and every company needs to be at the top of its game. When systems fall short of demand, business processes suffer, and it can be difficult to keep up—or get ahead.

From Marketing to HR to Finance, every department is only as effective as the IT infrastructure that supports it. When people depend on outdated or cumbersome systems, productivity suffers, expenses rise, and efficiency falls by the wayside.

The solution? A simplified IT infrastructure that helps people get more done, and delivers great ROI.

At Centrinet, our passion is IT consulting. Your business is no place for a cookie-cutter approach; our process includes deep-dive analysis of your organization and development of custom solutions that will help you achieve your goals today—and in the future.

Doing more with less—virtually

Datacenter Management

Small and medium-sized businesses need to run fast, smart, and lean. They shouldn’t be weighed down by a roomful of server hardware that consumes enormous amounts of office space, HVAC resources, and IT administration hours.

Datacenter virtualization takes the unplanned network downtime, data security risks, and high overhead costs out of storing your critical business information. Consolidating multiple workloads into a smaller server footprint saves more than just space; it enables systems to be more responsive, and run more efficiently.

Centrinet provides a suite of datacenter virtualization and management services that help you get the most out of your IT investments, and protect your data and your business. Our comprehensive, 24/7 support is always there when you need it, to keep your systems up and running, and your business moving forward.

It’s not just The Cloud; it’s Your Cloud

Cloud as a Service

When your business grows, it shouldn’t just get bigger—it should get better. Now you can easily and cost-effectively scale your IT infrastructure as your business evolves with Centrinet ClaaS Cloud Hosting.

The days of network downtime, hardware crashes, and office-bound employees are over. Expensive hardware and software updates and maintenance? A non-issue. Cloud hosting has transformed the way business gets done, and subscription-based cloud solutions are taking more and more businesses into the future every day.

 Grow your business, work from anywhere—no matter what. Let us help you take your business where it needs to go, with an affordable, built-for-success, custom cloud hosting solution from Centrinet.

Our people make us different.

Technology is, in many ways, a commodity. And there are hundreds of companies, big and small, who will gladly sell you the same basic stuff. Our people make us different. Our engineers are the best in the Southeast and some of the best anywhere in the industry. They’ve won a host of awards for their work, and they hold the most advanced certifications available. As important as their technical expertise, however, is their genuine interest in our customers’ success. They ask thoughtful questions, and they listen carefully to answers before making recommendations. Because they believe they’re successful only when our customers are successful.

We do business based on four guiding principles: expertise, service, persistence, and loyalty.

  • Expertise means we will be the best at what we do. We keep up-to-date with the latest technologies. We carefully document our successes. And we learn from our mistakes.
  • Service means we always act in the best interests of those we serve – our customers and our community. We set the bar high, with a commitment to delivering technical excellence, and to shaping solutions to our customers’ needs by listening to what they want.
  • Persistence means we don’t quit, and we make no excuses. We’re satisfied only when we’ve kept our promises, met our own high standards, and our customers are completely satisfied.
  • Loyalty means we’re in it for the long haul. We stick with those to whom we’ve made commitments – employees, vendors, and customers.

We use these four principles to guide our business. Our customers can and do expect them of us, because we expect them of ourselves.